LOT NO: 1226    meaning Starting: THB 2000   Approx: 50  
"Lot of 4 banknotes; Series II-IX comprising of Series II 1b.type II(banknote)x1, Series III Rama VIII 1b.x1 & Series IX 50st.x1, 1b.x1 (#T411 222221), mixture condition, inspection recommended, Poor-UNC.(4) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 4 Ѻ 2-9 2 1.Ẻ2(ѵ)x1, 3 Ѫŷ 8 1.x1 & 5 50ʵ.x1, 1.x1 (#T411 222221) Ҿл õǨͺ Poor-UNC.(4) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1227    meaning Starting: THB 10000   Approx: 250  
"Lot of 12 banknotes; Sereis II-VIII comprising of Series II 1b.x1, Series III 1b.x1, 20b.x1, Series IV 1b.x1, 20b.x1, Series VII 1b..x1, Series VIII 1b.x1, 5b.x2 & 10b.x1, Provisional issue 1b.x1, surcharge 50st. on 10b.x1, folds,stains, inspection recommended, VF-AU.(12) Sold As Is"
"ѵ 12 Ѻ 2-8 2 1.x1, 3 1.x1, 20.x1, 4 1.x1, 20.x1 7 1.x1, 8 1.x1, 5.x2, 10.x1 蹪Ǥ 1.x1 & ԴҤ50ʵ.麹 10ҷ x1 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-AU.(12) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1228    meaning Banknote Signatures Starting: THB 10000   Approx: 250  
"Lot of 14 banknotes; Series II-VIII; including Series II 1b.x1, Series IV 10b.x1, 20b.x1, Series V 50st.x2, Sereis VI 20b.x2, Series VII 5b.x1, 10b.x2 Series VIII 10b.x1, 20b.x1 & 100b.x5) & Series Provisional Issue WWII x3 notes, mixed condition, inspection recommended, VF-AU.(14) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 14 Ѻ 2-8 2 1b.x1, 4 10b.x1, 20b.x1, 5 50st.x2, 6 20b.x2, 7 5b.x1, 10b.x1, 8 10b.x1, 20b.x1 & 蹪Ǥʧš x3 Ҿл õǨͺVF-AU(14)µҾ"

LOT NO: 1229    meaning Starting: THB 35000   Approx: 875  
"Lot of 34 banknotes; Series II-VIII comprising of Series II 20b.x2, 100b.x1, Series III 1b.x3, 10b.x3, 20b.x3, Series IV 1b.x2, 10b.x2, 20b.x2, Series V 50st.x3, 10b.x1, 20b.x2, Series VI 20b.x1, Series VII 1b.x2, 5b.x1, 10b.x1 and Series VIII 1b.x2, 5b.x1, 10b.x1 & 20b.x1, inspection recommended, F-VF.(34)"
"ѵ 34 Ѻ 2-8 2 20.x2, 100.x1, 3 1.x3, 10.x3, 20.x3, 4 1.x2, 10.x2, 20.x2 5 50ʵ.x3, 10.x1, 20.x1, 6 20.x1, 7 1.x2, 5.x1, 50.x2 8 1.x2, 5.x1,10.x1 & 20.x1 õǨͺ F-VF.(34)"

LOT NO: 1230    meaning Starting: THB 9000   Approx: 225  
"Lot of various issuses from Rama VII - modern, inspection recommded.(1 lot)"
ѵèҡ . ֧ . ҡ õǨͺ (1 ¡)

LOT NO: 1231    meaning Starting: THB 15000   Approx: 375  
"Lot of mixture from Series II - XIV & commemorative issues approx 90 notes, housed in one album, conditions are mixed, several better notes, excellent dealer's lot, inspection highly recommended.(1 album)"
ѵҡ ҡ2-14 ѵ÷֡ ҳ 90 Ѻ èź Ҿҡ յǴ©Ѻ Ѻͤ õǨͺ (1 )

LOT NO: 1232    meaning Starting: THB 1000   Approx: 25  
"Lot of 6 commemorative notes include replacement notes;90th Birthday Princess Mother 50b.x2(#0E, #1S), 500b.x2(#0E, 0S), The 120th year of The Ministry of Finance 10b.x2(#2B, #2S), and Series XV 20b.x10, stains, mishandling, AU-UNC.(16t) Sold As Is"
"ѵ÷֡ ӹǹ 6Ѻ Ǵ 90 Ҕ 50.x2(#0E, #1S), 500b.x2(#0E, 0S),120 зǧäѧ 10.x2(#2B, #2S) 15 20.x10(9˹9ѧ) ʹ Ѻ AU-UNC(16) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1233    meaning Starting: THB 27000   Approx: 675  
"Lot of 77 banknotes from Series XI-XV with various signatures including 10b.x3, 20b.x3, 100b.x36, 500b.x24 & 1000b.x11, face value 26,690 Baht, folds, stains, mixed condition, inspection recommended, VF-UNC.(77) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 77 Ѻ ҡ 11-15 ҡ 10.x3, 20.x3, 100.x36, 500.x24 & 1000.x11 Ҥ˹ 26,690 ҷ ¾Ѻ ʹ Ҿл õǨͺ VF-UNC.(77) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1234    meaning Starting: THB 2000   Approx: 50  
"Mixture of 7 banknotes, coins and medals x12, mixed condition, inspection recommended.(1 lot)"
ѵ 7 Ѻ ­ x12 Ҿҡ õǨͺ (1 ¡)

LOT NO: 1235    meaning Starting: THB 10000   Approx: 250  
"Lot of 107 banknotes; Sereis IX 1b.x17 & 5b.x55, all notes (large text) wmk. king's portrait and Commemorative; 1995 The 120th year of The Ministry of Finance 10b. x35, some folds, stains, inspection recommended, EF-UNC.(107) Sold As Is."
ѵ 107 Ѻ 9 ԴҤ 1.x17Ѻ & 5.x55Ѻ оѡ ˭ ¹ иѵ÷֡ 2538 120 зǧäѧ ԴҤ 10 ҷ x35Ѻ ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ EF-UNC.(107) µҾ

LOT NO: 1236    meaning Starting: THB 5000   Approx: 125  
"Lot of 11 banknotes; Series IX-XIV some notes fancy number comprising of Series IX 10b.x1, 20b.x2, Series XI 5b.x1(#9D 7777772), 10b.x2, Series XII 10b.x1(#5D 9969999), 20b.x1(#3J 9989999), Series XIII 500b.x1 & Series XIV 100b.x2(#5A 0707070 & #3E 3338333), mishandling, stains, inspection recommended, AU-UNC.(11) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 11 Ѻ 9-14 ҧѺŢ 9 10.x1, 20.x2, 11 5.x1 (#9D 7777772), 10.x2, 12 10.x1(#5D 9969999), 20b.x1(#3J 9989999), 13 500.x1 & 14 100.x2(#5A 0707070 & #3E 3338333), Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ AU-UNC.(11) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1237    meaning Starting: THB 4000   Approx: 100  
"Lot of 12 banknotes; Series IX 1b.x4, 5b.x2, 10b.x3 and Commemorative King 60th Birthday 60b.x2 (without folders) & Queen's 80th Birthday 80b.x2 (with folders), some folds, stains, inspection recommended, EF-UNC.(12) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 12 Ѻ 9 ԴҤ 1.x4, 5.x2, 10.x2 ѵ÷֡ ǧ 60 Ҕ 60.x2(իͧ) & 稾йҧ 80 Ҕ 80x2() ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ EF-UNC.(12) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1238    meaning Starting: THB 3500   Approx: 87  
"Lot of 13 notes first prefix, last prefix, join prefix, replacement; Series IXI-XIII comprising of Series IX 20b.x2, Series XI 5b.x2, 10b.x2, Series XIII 50b.x4 and Commemorative; 2002 100th Ann.Thai Banknote 100b.x3, minor stains, mishandling, inspection recommended, AU-UNC.(13) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 13 Ѻ Ǵá Ǵش Ǵ Ǵ 9-13 9 20.x2, 11 5.x2, 10.x2, 13 50.x4 ѵ÷֡ 2545 100 ѵ” 100 .x3 ҧѺʹ硹 Ѻ õǨͺ ǹ˭Ҿ AU-UNC.(13) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1239    meaning Starting: THB 10000   Approx: 250  
"Lot of 164 banknotes; Series IX 15b.x116, 10b.x12 and 20b.x36, folds, stains, inspection recommended, mostly VF-AU.(164) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 164 Ѻ 9 ԴҤ 5.x116, 10.x12 20.x36 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ ǹ˭Ҿ VF-AU.(164) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1240    meaning Banknote Signatures Starting: THB 900   Approx: 22  
"Lot of 19 banknotes; Sereis IX-XIII comprising of Series IX 5st.x2, Series XI 500b.x1, Series XII 10b.x12 and Series XIII 50b.x4, folds, stains, graffiti, torn, inspection recommended, VF-UNC.(19) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 19 Ѻ 9-13 9 50ʵ.x2, 11 500.x1, 12 10.x12 13 50.x4 ¾Ѻ ʹ ֡ Ҵ õǨͺ VF-UNC.(19) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1241    meaning Starting: THB 18000   Approx: 450  
"Lot of 208 banknotes; Series IX-XV comprising of Series IX 1b.x17, Series XI 5b.x49, 10b.x36, 20b.x11, Series XII 20x13 and Series XV 50(polymers) x82, folds, stains, inspection recommended, EF-UNC.(208) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 208 Ѻ 9-15 9 1.x17, 11 5.x49, 10.x36, 20.x11, 12 20.x13 15 50ҷ()x82 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ EF-UNC.(208) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1242    meaning Starting: THB 12500   Approx: 312  
"Lot of 213 banknotes; Series XII comprising of 10b.x15, 20b.x96 & 100b.x102, various signatures, mishandling, folds, stains, inspection recommended, face value 12,270 Baht, mostly EF-UNC.(213) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 213 Ѻ 12 10.x15, 20.x96 & 100.x102 ҡ Ѻ ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ Ҥ˹ 12,270 ҷ ǹ˭Ҿ EF-UNC.(213) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1243    meaning Starting: THB 10000   Approx: 250  
"Lot of 26 banknotes; Series VIII-XV comprising of Series VIII 1b.x1, 5b.x1, Series IX 50st.x1, 1b.x5, 5b.x3, 10b.x4, 20b.x4, 100b.x4, Series XV 20x1, 50b.x1 and Commemorative 1995 120th Finiance Ministry 10 Bahtx1, folds, mishandling, inspection recommended. EF-UNC.(26) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 20 Ѻ 8-12 8 ԴҤ 1.x1, 5.x1, 9 50ʵ.x1, 1.x5, 5.x3, 10.x4, 20.x4, 100.x4, 15 20.x1, 50.x1 ѵ÷֡ 2538 120 зǧäѧ ԴҤ 10ҷ x1 ҧѺ¾ѺѺ õǨͺ EF-UNC.(26) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1244    meaning Starting: THB 7400   Approx: 185  
"Lot of 26 banknotes; Series XI-XIII comprising of Series XI 500b.x2, Series XII 100b.x9, Series XIII 500b.x4 and Commemorative; Golden Jubilee 500b.(paper) x1 & King's 60th Ann. Accession to the Throne 60b.x10 with folders, mishandling, folds, stains, inspection recommended, EF-UNC.(26) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 26 Ѻ 11-13 11 500.x2, 12 100.x9, 13 500.x4 ѵ÷֡ ҭɡ 500 ҷ(д) x1 & ͧҪ 60 60.x10 Ѻ ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ EF-UNC.(26) µҾ"

LOT NO: 1245    meaning Starting: THB 29000   Approx: 725  
"Lot of 58 banknotes; Series IX-XIV comprising of Series IX 1b.x2, 100b.x1, Series X 100b.x3, Series XI 5b.x5, 500x2, Series XIII 50b.x2, 500b.x3, Series XIV 100b.x3, 500b.x13, 1000b.x14 and Commemorative; 1996 Golden Jubilee 500b.(paper) x10, folds, stains, inspection recommended, face value 28,827 Bah, VF-UNC.(58) Sold As Is."
"ѵ 58 Ѻ 9-14 9 1.x2, 100.x1, 10 100.x3, 11 5.x5, 500.x2, 13 50.x2, 500.x3, 14 100.x3, 500.x13, 1000b.x14, ѵ÷֡ 2539 ҭɡ500.(д)x10 ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ Ҥ˹ 28,827 ҷ VF-UNC.(58) µҾ"